Denham x Grivec bros collab

On the 18th of February, Denham released a collab together with the Grivec bros. Denham was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Jason Denham. The Grivec bros are two brothers from The Netherlands. As long as they remember, denim was a part of their life. At the age of 18, the brothers decided to take over the jeans store of their parents. In their store, the bros only use the best quality of Japanese selvedge denim. The stitching is 100% handmade and they focus on details.  

200-piece collection

The collection consists of 200 pieces. Each pair is handmade and it took them three months to produce the collection. The jeans are made of premium, selvedge dry denim made with BCI Cotton. On the right side of the pocket interior, you can see a limited edition stamp. There is also a hand signature of Jason Denham on the pocket. 

The collection is already sold out online, it is still available in-store with call & collect. Due to the covid restrictions, it’s only possible to collect your order at a store. It is not allowed to enter the store unfortunately.